Company Profile

Master Australia Pty Ltd (Master) is a long established supplier of quality cleaning equipment and products to a large cross-section of commercial, industrial, hospitality and healthcare facilities. From our origins as a chemical manufacturer we have, over the years, continuously expanded our range to include the most comprehensive product offering for every environment.

Our sales representatives are specialists in the cleaning field. We offer our customers advice on cleaning solutions and can assist in solving cleaning problems they may have on site, a core part of our commitment to customer service.

Master Chemicals has long set industry standards for quality, consistency and innovative formulation. Our extensive range will provide excellent results on hard floors/surfaces and carpet, our specialty products ensure that you will always have the right chemical for your application.

Harnessing the cleaning power of Aqueous Ozone, Master is proud to be the NSW distributor for this genuinely green cleaning product. Tersano offers a real cleaning option for the environment, for cleaners and for customers that no green chemical can match.

one of Australia's leading back pack vacuums through the 80's and 90's is now back. Master is the major Sydney distributor for this product.

The most innovative and cost effective method of chewing gum removal. 

Cleaning Equipment
With access to the best manufacturers Master can offer the ideal machinery solution to your cleaning requirements. The equipment we offer includes:

  • Sweepers: carpark, carpet, industrial
  • Auto Scrubbers: a complete range from ride-on, walk-behind and specialty
  • Carpet Extractors: battery walk-behind, electric pull-back, wand extractors and spotters
  • Pressure Washers: trailer mount, petrol, diesel/electric & electric models
  • Polishers: suction, non-suction and specialist polishers
  • Vacuums: industrial, commercial, back pack and specialist
  • Other: we source speciality equipment as per site requirements

General Supplies
A complete range of cleaning supplies is available with some notable brand names including: 3M, Chux, Oates and more. Master selects the best quality and value for money for your general cleaning materials to offer a complete consumables package.

Our Sydney metro dispatch is via dedicated contract delivery vans or reputable courier service. Intra and interstate deliveries are via premium transport companies.

At Master, we have a long serving team, trained and committed to ensuring that our customers receive the best in service, advice and products.